Power Chair Comparison: WHILL Model F vs. The Competition

When it comes to electric wheelchairs, no two products are exactly alike. Some are designed to be maneuverable and highly portable, while others place an emphasis on either comfort, performance, or heavy-duty construction.

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the Model F, the new personal electric vehicle from the award-winning team at WHILL. This device is WHILL’s first foldable power chair and was named a CES Best of Innovation Award Winner. It is designed for travel, comes with a bevy of intelligent features, and allows users to explore their world with greater freedom and confidence.

But how does the Model F stack up to some of its closest competitors? Is it the right power chair for you? Below, we compare the WHILL Model F to electric wheelchairs from other brands (including Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies) and also see how it differs from another WHILL personal EV, the Model C2.


  1. WHILL Model F vs. Pride Jazzy Passport
  2. WHILL Model F vs. Golden Compass Sport
  3. WHILL Model F vs. WHILL Model C2
  4. Summary

WHILL Model F vs. Pride Jazzy Passport

WHILL Model F versus Pride Jazzy Passport Power Chair

We’ll start by comparing the Model F to one of the best and most popular folding power wheelchairs on the market: the Pride Jazzy Passport. The Jazzy Passport is a fantastic all-around wheelchair – it is compact, lightweight, and folds in just a few simple steps for easy transportation. It also has a slightly lower price point than the Model F. The Pride Jazzy Passport is popular with users who are looking for a versatile foldable electric wheelchair. It may not come with all the bells and whistles of other models, but it’s comfortable, efficient, and safe.

The WHILL Model F really excels when it comes to marrying intelligent technology with elegant, functional design. A good example of this is the WHILL app, which connects the Model F Powered Wheelchair to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app allows you to check key usage information, lock/unlock the device, manage speed settings, and drive the Model F remotely.

The Model F clearly wins the battle when it comes to added features and technology, but it also comes out on top in terms of customization. While the Jazzy Passport is available in one color (black), the Model F personal electric vehicle gives you a choice of five options: white, black, blue, red, and green. Pick the color that best suits your personality!

WHILL Model FPride Jazzy Passport
Colors5 - white, black, blue, red, green1 - black
App ConnectivityYesNo
Product Weight58.9 lb.60 lb.
Weight Capacity250 lb.250 lb.
Top Speed3.7 mph3.6 mph
Driving RangeUp to 12.4 milesUp to 11 miles

WHILL Model F vs. Golden Compass Sport

WHILL Model F versus Golden Compass Sport Power Chair

The Golden Compass Sport is a more traditional power chair than either the WHILL Model F or Jazzy Passport. It has a higher weight capacity, top speed, and driving range than the other two electric wheelchairs, making it a great choice for a large number of users. Its patented articulating chassis also allows all six wheels to remain on the ground while in use, which keeps the chair exceptionally stable and secure.

However, due to its traditional design, the Golden Compass Sport does not fold or disassemble for transportation. This means that you’ll need to have a truck or van with a ramp to easily get the chair from point A to point B. While this may not be a big deal for some users, it makes it more difficult (and definitely less convenient) to get out and experience everything the world has to offer. This is especially true when traveling with the device on a plane, bus, or train.

The Compass Sport from Golden Technologies is also missing the intelligent features that come standard in the Model F, including the accompanying app that lets you drive the device remotely.

WHILL Model FGolden Compass Sport
Colors5 - white, black, blue, red, green2 - red, blue
App ConnectivityYesNo
Product Weight58.9 lb.185 lb.
Weight Capacity250 lb.300 lb.
Top Speed3.7 mph4 mph
Driving RangeUp to 12.4 milesUp to 24 miles

WHILL Model F vs. WHILL Model C2

WHILL Model F versus Model C2 Power Chair

The Model F has its competitors beat when it comes to technology, but how does it stack up to WHILL’s other personal electric vehicle, the Model C2?

In terms of portability, the Model C2 is a great option for mobility users. It disassembles in four easy steps for transportation in the back of a car or truck. However, the Model F’s lightweight design and ability to fold in less than three seconds still make it the clear choice for individuals who value ease of transportation over anything else.

When it comes to performance, these two award-winning power chairs are a pretty even match. The Model C2 Portable Electric Wheelchair comes out on top in terms of top speed and weight capacity, while the Model F is the winner when it comes to driving range. Both models have electromagnetic brakes, small turning radiuses, and powerful lithium-ion batteries that allow them to travel up and down inclines of 10 degrees. The technical specifications are also similar, with both chairs able to connect to the WHILL app and manage speed settings, lock/unlock, and drive remotely.

If customization is your thing, you can’t go wrong with either power chair. The Model F and C2 are each available with a slew of optional accessories – including a lap belt, smart key, cane holder, and side storage bag – while the C2 has one more color option (pink) than the F.

Finally, the Model F is available at a lower price point than the Ci2: $2,799.00 vs. $4,499.00.

Colors5 - white, black, blue, red, green6 - white, black, blue, red, green, pink
App ConnectivityYesYes
Product Weight58.9 lb.116 to 119 lb.
Weight Capacity250 lb.300 lb.
Top Speed3.7 mph5 mph
Driving RangeUp to 12.4 milesUp to 11 miles


The WHILL Model F power chair really shines with when it comes to portability and high-tech features. This travel power chair was specifically created to allow users to get out and adventure with greater confidence and independence, and this philosophy is evident in every aspect of the Model F’s design.

In short, the WHILL Model F’s combination of cutting-edge technology, capable performance, and foldable design separate it from any other travel power chair on the market. While some users may require a slightly larger and more robust electric wheelchair (particularly when it comes to weight capacity), we feel the Model F Folding Electric Wheelchair is a fantastic personal EV that will provide customers with the freedom and mobility they desire.

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