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Picture of Acadia

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Picture of Drive Bariatric Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair

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Drive Bariatric Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair

Drive Bariatric Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair



Drive Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair with Flip Back Removable Arms

Drive Cruiser III Light Weight Wheelchair with Flip Back Removable Arms



Picture of Drive Silver Sport 2

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Drive Silver Sport 2

The Silver Sport 2 is a full-featured economy wheelchair that folds for easy storage.



Cheelcare Companion

Cheelcare Companion



Wheelchairs for Sale

Manual wheelchairs are a simple and durable mobility solution that can be a great option for people who have difficulty walking but still have use of their upper body. Wheelchairs are typically self-propelled by grabbing the large back wheels, but they can also be pushed from behind by a friend, loved one, or caregiver.

Scootaround’s online wheelchair store has a variety of options for sale, including lightweight, transport, and bariatric wheelchair models. If you or a family member is looking to purchase a manual wheelchair, give our Sales Specialists a call toll-free at 1-844-664-7467 or email [email protected]. Our team will help you find the right chair for your needs.

Once you’ve settled on purchasing a wheelchair, you’ll need to ask yourself some key questions. Where will you primarily be using the wheelchair? Do you need a compact transport chair, or will you require a larger, more durable unit? How much are you looking to spend on the wheelchair?

Need help finding the perfect wheelchair?

We're using our 25 years of experience to help seniors and other people with limited mobility find the best wheelchair for their needs. Check out our Equipment Finder!

Despite their relatively simplistic design, wheelchairs can vary greatly in terms of size, weight capacity, and functionality.

Transport Wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs have small back wheels and are specifically designed to be pushed by a companion. They are narrower and more lightweight than standard wheelchairs, making them a popular choice for users who need a portable wheelchair that they can use outside the house on a regular basis. Transport wheelchairs can also serve as an excellent secondary mobility solution for people who already own a scooter or larger wheelchair.

Lightweight Wheelchair

As their name suggests, these wheelchairs are exceptionally lightweight and can weigh as little as 25 pounds or less. Lightweight wheelchairs are a perfect fit for people who love to travel, as their smaller overall size makes it easier to lift them in and out of a car, bus, or train. These chairs look similar to standard manual wheelchairs, but usually forgo the additional bells and whistles in favor of greater portability. Despite their small size, lightweight wheelchairs can often support people who weigh 300 lbs or more.

Standard Wheelchair

Standard wheelchairs are a fantastic all-around option for people who are looking for a dependable and inexpensive mobility solution. Unlike transport chairs, these wheelchairs have large rear wheels and are intended to be manually propelled by the user (although they can also be pushed by a caregiver). Standard wheelchairs are collapsible, making them very portable and easy to store. 

Bariatric Wheelchair

Bariatrics wheelchairs are similar in design to a standard wheelchair but can support higher weight capacities. They can be self-propelled by the person riding the chair or pushed by a companion. While these chairs are typically larger and heavier than other wheelchair models, they can still collapse for transport and storage. Despite their sturdy construction, bariatric wheelchairs are still lighter than most mobility scooters and powerchairs.

There are a handful of key features to consider before purchasing a new or used manual wheelchair.

  • Size:  standard wheelchairs are approximately 18 inches wide. However, a smaller or larger chair may be beneficial depending on the size of the user. Review the product specifications prior to purchasing for details.

  • Weight Capacity:  wheelchairs can support up to 400 lbs or more depending on the model.

  • Comfort:  most wheelchair seats are made of vinyl or nylon. Purchasing an additional cushion can provide extra comfort and support. You’ll also need to consider the width and depth of the seat, as a chair that is too wide or too narrow can cause discomfort.

  • Portability:  the smaller the wheelchair, the easier it will be to transport. Almost all wheelchairs either collapse or fold-up for better portability.

  • Chair weight:  transport chairs are lighter than standard wheelchairs, while standard chairs are usually lighter than bariatric wheelchairs. Wheelchairs can weigh anywhere from 20 to 70 pounds depending on their size and features.

  • Leg Rests:  provide additional comfort and support for the user. Most leg rests swing out of the way when not in use to make it easier to sit down in the chair.

  • Wheels:  can affect the overall stability of the wheelchair and how easy it is to roll on different surfaces. Most chair wheels are rubber or semi-pneumatic. While many wheelchairs have maintenance-free wheels, some will need to be repaired or replaced as they wear down.

We carry many of the top wheelchair brands, including Drive Medical Wheelchairs.

  1. Where to buy a wheelchair?

    You can purchase a manual wheelchair online at or over the phone toll-free at 1-844-664-7467.

  2. Where to buy a used wheelchair?

    Scootaround has used wheelchairs for sale at select locations across the US, including Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Nashville.

  3. How much does a wheelchair cost?

    In general, wheelchairs are significantly less expensive than scooters and other powered devices. The price of a wheelchair can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and model, with bariatric wheelchairs having a higher average price point than standard or transport chairs. An average manual wheelchair from Scootaround costs approximately $650.00, while less expensive options can run you $300.00 or less. Check out our wheelchair buying guide for more information.

  4. How much does a wheelchair weigh?

    Wheelchairs can weigh anywhere from 20 to 70 pounds depending on their size and construction. Most standard wheelchairs weigh around 40 pounds. Take a look at our wheelchair buying guide for further details.

  5. Can wheelchairs go on grass?

    While wheelchairs can be used on grass, movement often requires more effort due to the higher friction and bumpy terrain. If you’re planning a longer trek in a grassy area, we recommend traveling with a companion who can assist with pushing when necessary. You can also consider investing in accessories such as wider tires or a power assist.