WHILL Model F Folding Power Chair

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Manufacturer: WHILL Wheelchairs
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#Model F
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Type:*FDA Class ll Medical Device
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Product Description

Key Specs

  • Folds in less than 3 seconds
  • Weighs less than 53 lb.
  • 30.7” turning radius
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • 20-kilometer driving range
  • 6 km/h top speed

About the WHILL Model F

The new Model F from the award-winning team at WHILL has everything you need in a travel power chair. Lightweight, foldable, and highly maneuverable, the WHILL Model F allows you to get out and explore your world with greater mobility and independence.

The Model F is WHILL’s first foldable power chair. Its design allows it to be transported on planes, buses, trains, or in the trunk of a car or taxi with ease. When you’re not using it, the Model F power chair can be conveniently stored in a closet or out-of-the-way corner of the room.

Are you looking to personalize your ride? There are a variety of popular accessories available for the WHILL Model F folding power chair, including a convenient storage basket, lap belt, cane holder, side bag, and a smart key that allows you to lock and unlock the device remotely.

Model F Key Features

  • Foldability: The WHILL Model F is designed to make life easier while you’re traveling or working. It is extremely portable, folding in less than 3 seconds for transportation or storage. Length is only 18.6” when folded, allowing the Model F to be easily transported on a plane, train, bus, or in the back of a car, van, truck, taxi, or Uber.
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 52.9 lb. when the battery has been removed (58.9 lb. if battery is left attached). Can be lifted into the back of a vehicle by a caregiver or loved one.
  • Customization: Back angle, controller height, controller side, arm height, and arm width (16”/18”) are all adjustable. Choose from 5 different arm colors to suit your style!
  • Maneuverability: 30.7" turning radius allows you to turn in narrow spaces such as elevators, bathrooms, office cubicles, and hallways.
  • High Performance: The Model F foldable power chair has a 20-kilometer range per charge, 250-pound weight capacity, and a 6 km/h top speed. Climb over obstacles up to 1.4” high and drive up or down inclines of up to 10°.
  • Remote Control: Use the WHILL app to remotely drive the Model Fi with your smartphone.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery is airline friendly.
  • Storage: Under-seat storage basket and side bag can be purchased as optional add-on accessories.

The Bottom Line

While the WHILL Model F is more lightweight than its predecessors, it still provides users with the same superior performance and intelligent design that WHILL power chairs are famous for. From a tight 30.7” turning radius, to its ability to be remotely controlled using the WHILL smartphone app, the Model F is loaded with extra features that will make life more convenient for you and your loved ones.

With its lightweight design and intelligent features, the WHILL Model F is one of the best folding power chairs on the market. Call 1-844-664-7467 to learn more about this innovative product!


The WHILL Model F was named a CES 2022 Best of Innovation Award Winner. Each year, the CES Innovation Awards reward exceptional design and engineering for consumer technology devices.

WHILL Model F CES Innovation Award Winner


  • 5 Years: Base & Seat Frame
  • 2 Years: Seat & Back Cushion
  • 1 Year: Mechanical, Electrical Components, Batteries & Tires

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Weight Capacity:250 lbs
Armrests:16"-18" Adjustable Width
Battery Type:25.3 V 10.6 AH Lithium Ion
Brake System:Electromagnetic
Drive Range:12.4 miles
Drive System:Two Motor Drive
Ground Clearance:1.4"
Heaviest Piece:52 lbs w/o Battery
Max Climbing Angle:10 degrees
Overall Length:36.8"
Overall Width:21.9"
Seat Width:18"
Top Speed:3.7 mph
Turning Radius:30.7"
Type:*FDA Class ll Medical Device
Warranty:5 yrs base & seat frame; 2 yrs seat & back cushion; 1 yr mechanical, electrical components, batteries & tires

Customer Questions & Answers

Dan Greene on 2023-02-28 10:43:05 AM
Question :
Are the rear tires solid? Do they require maintenance?
Answer :
The rear tires are pneumatic, meaning air-filled. If they are punctured they would need to be replaced.
Richard Many on 2022-08-24 12:30:03 PM
Question :
Does the Whill model F have tie downs for use with a lift?What is the ship time to area code 01569
Answer :
The Model F does not have tie down options. Shipping times currently are about a week and a half 2 weeks from time of order.
Toni Agg on 2022-06-30 8:52:17 AM
Question :
What is the maximum distance it will cover on a fully charged battery?
Answer :
It will go 12.4 Miles per charge.

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