WHILL Model C2 Cane Holder

Manufacturer: WHILL Wheelchairs
$40.99 CAD

Product Description

The WHILL Model C2 Cane Holder secures your walking aid to the C2's main body for easy use, allowing you to take it with you everywhere you go. Common aids such as T-shaped canes, clutch-type canes, and crutches are all compatible with the holder.

The Cane Holder is positioned behind the seat of the Model C2. This ensures that your cane or crutches won't be in the way when you're operating the unit.

Customer Questions & Answers

Shannon Cerruti on 2022-07-19 4:52:27 PM
Question :
Are there any tips on how to install the cane holder? Should I use any tools to attach the bottom piece to the chair's base? I want to ensure I do it correctly so I don't break anything.
Answer :
You should be able to attach the Walking Stick Holder cup to the base by a few screws that were included, and just tighten but don't overtighten as that could cause damage. The velcro strap just should loop in the top back of the chair.

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