Scootaround DNA

Scootaround DNA for United Spinal Members.

The Scootaround DNA Program lets you store your mobility device information in our secure database to streamline repair claims and access warranty details anywhere in the world. This information helps us help you by keeping all equipment information in one place that can be accessed from anywhere you have a telephone or an internet connection.

Scootaround DNA includes:

  • Centralized Equipment Information - DNA allows you to register any or all of your mobility equipment complete with make and model numbers, serial numbers, and other essential information. In the event of damage, warranty repair requirements, or other issues with your equipment you will have full and easy access to your information, even if you are far from home!

  • Simplified Airline Repair Claims - If you travel with your equipment, DNA is for you! Scootaround handles repair claims for over 30 airlines worldwide - including North America’s largest carriers. In the event of travel damage, a great deal of time and expense can be saved by simply providing the airline representative with your ENGAGE identifier when you notify them of damage or loss. Scootaround airline claims coordinators can then greatly speed up parts orders and assessments by having all the information on your equipment at their fingertips, resulting in faster repair and less inconvenience during your trip!

  • 24/7 Access to Your DNA Information - The DNA interface is user-friendly and offers easy access anytime you need to view or change your profile. As long as you have an internet connection, your equipment DNA is a click away.

  • Secure Information Storage - All equipment information is stored with 128bit encryption in a secure location. No credit card numbers are required or stored.

Please take a moment to carefully review Scootaround’s Privacy Policy prior to signing up for Scootaround DNA. Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy is deemed to occur once you first create your Scootaround DNA account.