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Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooters

As their name suggests, Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooters are specifically designed for people who need a portable mobility device that is excellent for travel. These compact scooters from Pride Mobility easily break down into five separate pieces using feather-touch disassembly. This allows you to transport the scooter on an airplane, bus, train, or taxi with ease.

The Go-Go Elite series features two different models: the Elite Traveller and the Elite Traveller Plus. Each of these models comes in either a 3-wheel or 4-wheel version, with the 3-wheel scooter providing better maneuverability and turning, and the 4-wheel scooter offering improved stability. In terms of performance, the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus has a slightly higher top speed and driving range, while the standard Pride Go-Go Elite Scooter comes in at a lower price point that will be appealing to budget-conscious buyers.

Whichever model you decide to go with, you can be sure that you are getting a fantastic all-around mobility scooter. Although the word “travel” may be in the name, the Go-Go Elite Scooter is also a great choice for everyday use. Whether you need to make quick trip to the grocery store or want to spend all day outdoors exploring a new area, the Go-Go Elite Traveller’s superb drive range, weight capacity, and durable construction will ensure you get where you need to go.

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Go-Go Elite Scooter Comparison

GoGo Elite TravellerGoGo Elite Traveller Plus
Turning Radius44" or 33"46" or 34"
Top Speed6.4 km/h7.25 km/h
Driving Range19.3 kilometres23.3 kilometres
Weight Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Ground Clearance2.25" at midframe3"

There are two different models in the Go-Go Elite Scooter series from Pride Mobility, both of which are available in 3- and 4-wheel options.

Go-Go Elite Traveller

The Go-Go Elite Traveller is a small mobility scooter that is ideal for driving in confined indoor spaces like your home or office. However, with its 300 lb weight capacity and 6.4 km/h top speed, the scooter still delivers solid outdoor performance. The Pride Go-Go Elite's feather-touch disassembly allows you to easily disassemble it into five components for storage and transportation. Once disassembled, the heaviest piece weighs only 34 pounds. For increased convenience, the Go-Go Elite Scooter also comes with a charging port built into the delta tiller.

Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus

In addition to coming with all the outstanding features of the standard model, such as a small size and easy disassembly, the Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus also offers an improved top speed of 7.25 km/h and a drive range of 23.3 kilometres. The Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus is a fantastic choice for customers who routinely spend time outside of the home because of the additional power it offers, which enables you to travel farther than you could with the standard model.

Below is a list of the most popular add-on accessories for Go-Go Elite Mobility Scooters:

  • Scooter Weather Cover

  • USB Charger

  • Rearview Mirror

  • Rear Basket

  • Cane Holder

  • Lap Belt

  • Armrest Bag

  • Phone Holder

  • Oxygen Cylinder Holder

  • How much does a Pride Go-Go Elite Scooter cost?

    The standard Go-Go Elite Traveller costs between $1100 and $1300 depending on whether you go with the 3-wheel or 4-wheel version. The Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus is slightly more expensive, retailing for between $1300 and $1500 depending on the model.

  • How do you breakdown a Go-Go Elite Traveller Mobility Scooter?

    Scooters in the Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite series typically disassemble into five pieces: the seat, front section, rear section, basket, and battery pack. The scooters can be broken down by hand – no tools are required. Check your scooter user manual or product brochure for further details.