7 Ways WHILL Helps with Difficulties Faced by Wheelchair Users

Powered wheelchair users face a variety of challenges, such as mobility, transportation, comfort, and limitations on the places they can travel if they don’t have the right device. Some common difficulties include tight spaces, rough or uneven terrain, and slopes and inclines that can make it easy for the chair to tip. Other factors to consider are portability, assembly, and weight.

Help with Difficulties Faced by Wheelchair Users

The new WHILL Model C2 was designed with these challenges in mind, and has gone above and beyond to solve many longtime wheelchair issues. The C2 also adds in extra features like custom ergonomic design and accessories to suit individual preferences. Keep reading to learn how the Model C2 addresses and solves common difficulties faced by motor-powered wheelchair users:

How the Model C2 Makes Life Easier:

  1. Easily Maneuver Through Inconvenient Spaces
  2. Say Goodbye to the Dreaded 10-Point Turn
  3. Eliminate Obstacles
  4. Comfort is Key - Your Chair Should Work for You
  5. Active People Need a Chair That Can Move with Them
  6. Keep It Light
  7. Stability

Easily Maneuver Through Inconvenient Spaces

Small doorways, corridors, parking lots, and public toilets can be extremely difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. Even accessible public toilets can sometimes be difficult to maneuver around if you are in a wheelchair with a bulky frame and large wheels.

Luckily, there is no reason for wheelchair users to have to put up with awkward movement anymore, as WHILL Wheelchairs are designed with maneuverability in mind. The Model C2 features a short wheelbase and a compact, streamlined width, which allows you to navigate through tight spaces with a 45% smaller turning radius than traditional tiller-operated mobility devices like scooters.

Say Goodbye to the Dreaded 10-Point Turn

Most standard wheelchairs require a 78” space to make a 180-degree turn, but compact powered mobility devices can significantly reduce the space required to turn around. In the case of the C2, it packs an incredible 29.9” turning radius!

Since the WHILL Model C2 has a smaller turning radius than most mobility devices, motor-powered wheelchair users will find they have a much easier time turning around in small spaces. This device was designed for mobility, and now you can reduce frustrating moments in inconveniently designed spaces.

Eliminate Obstacles

City dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts can both rejoice. Dealing with poorly designed curb cuts can be challenging, but having a motor-powered device with large front wheels and two powerful motors will make all of the difference.

The WHILL Model C2 was designed with this in mind, and can climb small curbs and bumps up to 2”. The C2 also has a 2.25” ground clearance, which is perfect for wheelchair hikers looking to take on more rugged terrain - and adventurers will love checking out hiking trails when they have a device that is up to the challenge of taking on sloping, rough, or uneven ground.

A device like the Model C2 may even inspire you to check out new parks, lakes, and trails that may have once felt daunting to visit. With a 11-mile range and top speed of 5 mph, you’ll be able to take in all the sights.

Comfort is Key. Your Chair Should Work for You.

You deserve comfort. Whether you are going to the office, the grocery store, or traveling internationally, you spend a lot of time in your chair. A poorly designed chair can cause muscle cramps or pressure sores. For anyone spending the majority of their day in a chair, back support and ergonomic design are essential.

The Model C2 has been custom designed to alleviate issues for users. Seat depth and height are easily adjustable, as are the arm and controller height position. It also features right or left drive for a smooth and comfortable experience, and the seat cushion can be replaced with your cushion of choice for added support.

If you’re looking for accessories, the C2 is also available with a wide variety of add-ons, including a cane holder, seat belt, and spare battery, which is simple to swap out on longer journeys.

Help With Difficulties Faced by Wheelchair Users

Active People Need A Chair That Can Move with Them

Your chair takes you places, but you also need to take it places as well. There is a lot to consider when choosing a chair that is right for you. Here is a helpful guide to choosing a portable, compact power wheelchair.

Highly active people want wheelchairs that are lightweight and easy to transport in a car (check out our tips for transporting your mobility device), but are still powerful and stable enough to take them where they need to go in any environment. The WHILL Model C2 breaks down into three compact, easy-to-stow pieces and can fit into the trunk of most vehicles. It is perfect for road trips.

Keep It Light

Another important factor to consider when choosing a motor-powered wheelchair is weight. Depending on who will be lifting and transporting the chair, a bulky or heavy chair can be really cumbersome, and may require inconvenient ramps to get the device into a vehicle.

The Model C2 disassembles in seconds, with the heaviest piece weighing only 42 pounds. The battery itself weighs a mere 6 pounds. This means you can have a lightweight and compact chair without sacrificing durability. There is no need to cause strain or stress to transport your chair.


A constant worry for those on wheels is the possibility of their chair tipping over! For those that live in places with sloped terrain or awkward sidewalks - and visitors to trails and parks - this risk is amplified. A stable device is really important for both comfort and safety with your mobility device.

The WHILL Model C2 was designed to address this common concern. It features anti-sway technology to keep you moving forward safely in a straight line on side slopes. Electromagnetic brakes make stopping on inclines smooth and effortless. Two-motor power and front omni-directional wheels make the Model C2 even more convenient to drive and control. Stability is not something you should have to worry about in your day-to-day life or while exploring a new city, so choose a mobility device that is designed with stability in mind.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the design of the WHILL Model C2 outshines traditional motor-powered wheelchairs. There are many problems wheelchair users face that were carefully considered when this chair was designed. The device is thin and compact to make maneuvering through tight spaces and turning around a breeze. It is lightweight and compact, yet still has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. It disassembles in seconds and fits into the trunk of most cars. Although it is streamlined and relatively lightweight, it is still very durable and stable. Users can feel confident driving over a variety of urban and rural terrain. Short sidewalks, gravel, grass, slopes, and tight spaces are no longer a worry, and drivers can feel confident on inclines up to ten degrees.

In addition to all of these great features, WHILL Wheelchairs are attractive and high-tech. The Model C2 has a sort of futuristic and stylish appearance and comes in six different colors, which gives it a more custom and modern feel. The C2 can be driven remotely from an app which really boosts mobility and independence for its users. It also features a remote security feature, so you can lock or unlock the Model C2 from your app and also track battery life and efficiency. Choose a driving mode like Eco, Normal, or Sport to maximize your experience.

The drive controller can be on the right or left side and is designed for ergonomic comfort. The chair even features a USB charging port so that you can charge your devices on the go. With a high-tech, modern design, you can go far with confidence and style on a device like this.