WHILL Model Ci

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New Updated Model Available:This product has been replaced with the new WHILL Model C2.
This product is currently unavailable from the manufacturer.

Product Description

Named one of TIME Magazine's 50 Best Inventions of 2018, the WHILL Model Ci is versatile, customizable, and compact, allowing you to pursue your adventures and live life in style. With a focus on sleek design and the latest technology, the Model Ci is for people who want to continue to participate in the activities they love, safely and comfortably.

The WHILL Model Ci effortlessly maneuvers both indoors and outdoors, handling a range of terrain, including uneven sidewalks, grass, and cobblestones. Unlike traditional mobility devices, the Model Ci confidently climbs up 2” curbs, so you can continue to enjoy your day unhindered. The Model Ci can also be disassembled in less than 10 seconds for easy transportation or storage.

The Model Ci is technology-driven. The companion app allows you to check battery life and range, change speed settings, and drive the chair remotely. You can also charge your smartphone or other mobile device with the built-in USB port.

This product is Scootaround Rental Certified. It is a staple of Scootaround’s worldwide mobility equipment fleet and has been reliably tested by thousands of customers every year.


  • Compact size
  • Precise handling
  • Turns on a dime


  • 2WD with superior traction
  • Up to 5 mph, 10-mile range
  • 2-inch obstacle clearance


Disassembles into three pieces for increased portability
Can be controlled remotely with a smartphone app via Bluetooth
Easy to use mouse controller (brakes automatically when controller is released)
Armrests flip up for simple transfer
Comes with a handy storage basket
Eight color options - white, gray, black, blue, navy blue, gold, red and pink

California Residents: P65 Warning

Awards & Recognitions

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Weight Capacity:250 lbs
Top Speed:up to 5 mph
Drive Range:up to 10 miles
Overall Width:21.5 (16"), 23.5 (18")
Overall Length:38.8"
Product Weight:115 lbs
Battery Charger:Lithium-ion (25.2V 10Ah)
Braking System:Electromagnetic
Chair Length:38.8"
Chair Weight:115 lbs
Charging Time:5 hours
Controller:WHILL Control System
Drive System:Two Motor Drive System
Front Wheel Diameter:9.8" Omni-wheel
Ground Clearance:2.25"
Heaviest Piece When Disassembled:42 lbs (Rear piece)
Incline Capability:10 Degrees
Lap Belt:Optional
New Updated Model Available:This product has been replaced with the new WHILL Model C2.
Obstacle Clearance:2"
Operating Conditions:5°F to 104°F
Rear Tires:Non-puncture
Rear Wheel Diameter:10.5"
Tail Lamps:LED Light (Red)
Turning Radius:29.9"
USB Charging Port:Single
Warranty:5 years Frame; 1 year Electronics; 6 months Batteries

Customer Questions & Answers

Anonymous on 2021-02-17 1:17:59 PM
Question :
Can you fold scooter and put in trunk without disassembly
Answer :
The WHILL Model Ci does not fold. It disassembles into 3 pieces. The heaviest piece is 44 lbs.
Anonymous on 2020-12-24 6:16:46 PM
Question :
Will Medicare cover Whill models?
Answer :
WHILL products are not FDA-cleared as a medical device and are not covered under insurance. Scootaround does not work with insurance, but we do accept FSA/HSA credit cards as a payment option.
Admin Scoot on 2020-08-16 4:43:30 AM
Question :
Can you fly with this? Does the battery meet the approval specs?
Answer :
Yes, they meet the airline requirements. You will have to bring the battery as carry on.
Admin Scoot on 2020-07-12 5:01:59 PM
Question :
how far can you travel with a fully loaded battery
Answer :
Up to 10 miles per charge *depending on conditions
Admin Scoot on 2020-07-12 1:14:42 PM
Question :
Is this product all terrain? Can you increase the base clearance (2inches) somehow?
Answer :
Its not all terrain, but it is versatile with different terrain. Mostly packed sand, packed mulch etc. It is not a 4x4 model.
Admin Scoot on 2020-06-30 10:56:32 AM
Question :
Does the arm lower to allow the person to slide to and from bed and other chairs? Also does the seat rise and lower to accommodate other levels, such as beds?
Answer :
The arm does flip back to assist with transferring. The seat does have 4 different height settings on the seat post, and it is locked in with a screw. To adjust, you would have to take the seat off, move the post to the other height setting and place the screw back in to lock it in place.
Admin Scoot on 2020-01-16 7:23:39 PM
Question :
Will this chair fit through a Carnival cruise ship door?
Answer :
We do recommend that you always check with your cruise lines, or airlines prior to travel on measurements and whether equipment will fit through a doorway as every doorway is different.

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