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EWheels is an American manufacturer of mobility scooters and related accessories. Stylish, comfortable, and durable, EWheels scooters are some of the fastest and farthest traveling mobility devices available on the market today. This makes them a great option for users who are looking for a little extra speed and power when they’re going on excursions around town.

Along with their high performance, EWheels mobility scooters are known for their trendy and bright designs, with some devices available in colors like pink, yellow, and green camo (along with more traditional colors like blue, red, and silver).

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EWheels Scooter Comparison

Top Speed13 mph13 mph15 mph4.5 mph
Driving Range (Per Charge)43 miles35 miles43 miles10 miles
Weight Capacity350 lbs400 lbs500 lbs300 lbs
Ground Clearance4"4.5"6"2"
Turning Radius50"73"92"60"

Check Out an EWheels Mobility Scooter in Action

EWheels mobility scooters come in a variety of different models, with each one having its own unique features and benefits. Below, we've highlighted some of the most popular scooters in the EWheels line of products.


The EW 72 4-Wheel Scooter is a fantastic option for people who enjoy riding about town and being outside. It’s extended range of 43 miles per charge, fast 15 mph top speed, and high weight capacity of 500 pounds makes this one of the most powerful and robust mobility scooters that EWheels offers. Are you concerned that prolonged trips outside the house may be uncomfortable or painful? No need to worry, as the Captain's seat on the EW 72 is supportive and swivels to make getting in and out of the chair simple.


Whether you need to make a quick trip to the store or cruise through your local park, the powerful and sleek EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter can get you there. It is a terrific option for a range of users since it offers a fantastic balance of performance, comfort, and safety. The scooter is available in 9 different colors and its 3-wheel design also gives it a smaller turning radius than 4-wheel EWheels models.


No matter where you’re driving the EW-46 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter, it always offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It features plenty of storage space, including a rear basket, under-seat storage box, and cupholder, and will keep you comfortable throughout the day thanks to its 16" pneumatic tires, front and rear suspension, and large captain's seat.


The EW-M34 Scooter is highly portable – it can be disassembled into five pieces in a matter of seconds for storage or transportation. The largest piece weighs only 28 pounds once dismantled, which is less than most other transportable mobility scooters on the market today. Because of this, the EW-M34 is a great option for users who lead busy lives and enjoy spending time outdoors.

  • How much does an EWheels mobility scooter cost?

    The larger EWheels recreational scooter models – such as the EW-72 and EW-36 – typically cost $3000 or more. This is due to their robust construction and powerful engines. However, EWheels transportable models like the EW-M34 and M35 cost only $999, so it really depends on the type of scooter you are interested in.

  • Can EWheels scooters be driven on the road?

    Although they have a high max speed and sporty design, EWheels scooters are not intended to be used when driving on busy roads. However, quiet suburban streets are fine – but we still recommend using caution and obeying all the rules of the road. Like all mobility scooters, EWheels products should predominantly be used on sidewalks, paths, and in large open environments like parks. Watch for warning signs and signals, and always be aware of your surroundings.